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The sidecar was made by Watsonian Squire from Morton in Marsh, a company who have been making sidecars since 1910.

The motorcycle providing the power is a Triumph Scrambler XC 1200. The sidecar has been factory fitted to the motorcycle and is fully compliant with all construction and use regulations. The sidecar is fitted with a lap belt for client safety and comfort.

This Mid Wales Tours motorcycle combination is fully licensed for Private Hire use by Ceredigion County Council. It is licensed to carry two clients, one as pillion and one in the sidecar. This is the first time to our knowledge that such a vehicle has been licensed for Private Hire in the UK.

By using this vehicle, Mid Wales Tours will be able to take you to remote regions of our countryside inaccessible by larger vehicles.

By riding in this motorcycle and sidecar you will experience the countryside in comfort, in a unique way, and from a totally different perspective. You will be able to feel the wind, smell everything the countryside has to offer, you will be part of the experience. Something that can never be had while travelling around in an air-conditioned vehicle.

The Mid Wales Tours motorcycle and sidecar is fitted with a radio system so that you will be able to hear the guided commentary as you are taken on your journey of discovery.

Mid Wales Tours will supply you with a motorcycle helmet to wear, these must be worn while on the motorcycle and sidecar, this is not only a legal requirement but a requirement of our insurance company. These helmets will have been cleaned between uses. This is not only to comply with hygiene regulations but to comply with the Mid Wales Tours Covid-19 risk assessment.
We will also supply you with waterproof over suits in the event of inclement weather. Due to COVID-19 we request that if possible that you supply your own gloves. If you do not have any then we will supply gloves for you to wear.
You will be exposed to the weather so dress appropriately in layers. If you require up to date information, please ring Sean on 07946640709 the evening before your trip and he will be happy to discuss matters with you.


For your safety and to comply with insurance requirements, the motorcycle and sidecar combination used by Mid Wales Tours is also fitted with front and rear facing cameras that will record whenever the vehicle ignition is on.

The film will not be used for any other purpose other than for our own protection should something untoward occur.

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