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A day spent with Sean Fletcher from Coast and Country

‘Hello’ I say, after picking up the phone, ‘Hello’ came a voice on the other end ‘My name is Carwyn, I’m a producer from ITV’s Coast and Country’.

Carwyn went on to say he had read my press release about the launch of Mid Wales Tours. He was very enthusiastic about my business and the unique way I was showing off Wales to customers. Cutting to the chase, he asked, ‘Would you be willing to allow me to come along with a crew and film a tour?’

He would bring along the presenter Sean Fletcher who would be taken on a tour in the sidecar.

Now I must say that I had never watched Coast and Country and at that stage wouldn’t recognise @seanfletchertv if I stood on him.

‘Of course you can’ I said. How could I refuse, a ten minute slot in a national television programme, I had to jump at that sort of publicity.

The date and times were sorted out and we arranged to meet the following Tuesday.

I had to send Carwyn a map of a proposed route with points for filming and drone shots. We decided that we would start filming on the prom in Aberystwyth. Little did I realise that ITV had to have permission from everyone before they can start filming.

Ceredigion County Council didn’t have time, even with three days, notice to decide if the filming could take place along the prom, so we had to change our plans.

The day arrived and we went to the holiday cottage complex at Bryngwyn Canol to film the introductions. I met Carwyn, Sean and the cameraman. Cameras were fitted to the motorcycle and sidecar.

Sean was very easy to get on with, very down to earth, in fact they all were and that made the day much easier than I had anticipated.

With very little preparation we were filming. The polished performance you see on the TV involved filming everything about three or four times. It had to be filmed from different angles, with cameras filming either me or Sean or both together. The same questions asked again and again. I had to try and remember the answers I gave the first and second time, I pity the editor who has to put it all together.

After a briefing we were on our way to our next filming location

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