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Where do the Mid Wales Tours, motorcycle and sidecar tours start from? +

All the tours start and finish at, Idwal, Lon Llewelyn, Waunfawr, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion. SY23 3TP.

Is there a contact number we can use to speak to Mid Wales Tours? +

Yes, 07946640709. The best time to call is between 19.00 and 22.00 UK time. If you don’t get an answer leave your name and number and Mid Wales Tours will contact, you within 24 hours.

How many passengers can Mid Wales Tours carry at a time? +

Two, one in the sidecar and one pillion.

Is there an age limit for passengers for the Mid Wales Tours, motorcycle and sidecar tours? +

Yes, due to insurance and licensing regulations all passengers must be 16 years or older.

Who are you licensed with? +

Mid Wales tours hold a Private Hire Operators licence, a Private Hire Vehicle Licence and Sean has a Private Hire dual drivers Licence from Ceredigion County Council.

Are Mid Wales Tours fully insured to carry fare paying passengers? +

Yes, as part of the licensing regulations Mid Wales tours must be insured for Private Hire Use.

Does Mid Wales Tours have public liability insurance? +


How long do the Mid Wales Tours last? +

Half day tours typically, four hours, a morning tour will start at 10.00 and an afternoon tour will start at 14.00.
A full day tour lasts eight hours beginning at 09.00 and finishing around 17.00.

Why are the Mid Wales Tours so expensive? +

You are taking part in a unique tour, unavailable anywhere else in the UK. Because it is a unique venture the set up costs, including the insurance are high. Plus, you get the undivided attention of a qualified guide for the duration of the tour.

Is the guide qualified to lead tours? +

Yes, Sean is a Green Badge Guide and a member of WOTGA the Wales Official Tourist Guide Association which is accredited by FEG the Federation of European Guides. The only guides recognised by the Welsh Government.

What happens if we are late arriving for a tour? +

Depending upon how late you are Mid Wales Tours may have to curtail your tour to allow time to get ready for the afternoon tour if one is booked. Please ring Sean on 07946640709 if you are going to be late.
If in the opinion of Mid Wales Tours that you are so late arriving that the tour cannot go ahead due to time constraints, then at their discretion they may arrange a different date for your tour, or you may forfeit your payment in line with the terms and conditions.
We will try our best to accommodate when we can.

What time should we arrive before the Mid Wales Tour starts? +

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the tour start time to allow for helmet fitting and safety briefing.

Will I get cold on a Mid Wales Tour? +

Yes, you may get cold, you will be out in the elements all the time and you are in Wales. Mid Wales Tours ask that you dress in layers, and that you wear sturdy boots. Mid Wales Tours will supply over suits to protect you from the rain, but we cannot guarantee that you will stay dry either. Gloves will need to be worn as well, Mid Wales Tours can supply gloves but due to Covid-19 and the problems with cleaning we request that you wear your own if possible.
You do not need motorcycle clothing; a sidecar combination is much safer than a solo motorcycle, so you do not need the protective clothing you would require on a motorcycle. Skiing jackets, salopettes will keep you warm and dry. On nice sunny days you will still require a jacket to wear, we will be travelling around 40mph so there is always a wind chill factor.

What happens if the weather is too bad, will the tour be cancelled? +

Yes, it will. Sean will decide if the weather is so bad that the tour should not go ahead on safety grounds. If he does so you will be offered an alternative tour date, or a full refund will be made.

What happens if there is snow or ice about? +

Then the tour will be cancelled a full refund or alternative date arranged.

Will there be an opportunity to take photographs? +

Yes, you will have plenty of opportunity to take photographs during your tour.

Will we stop for comfort breaks during the tour? +

Yes, we will, on a half day tour we will stop for a coffee break and on a full day tour we will stop for coffee and lunch during the tour.

Are Mid Wales Tours able to carry people with disabilities? +

That would depend upon the persons ability to get into and out of the sidecar. Mid Wales Tours are unable to assist people into and out of the sidecar if it involves for example lifting. We will do our best to assist in any way we can. We should be able to accommodate walking sticks and crutches, but we will not be able to carry wheelchairs.
Please ring Sean and have a conversation with him and we will do our best to accommodate anyone.

What is included in the price of the Mid Wales Tour? +

The Mid Wales Tour price includes, the tour as advertised for two people. You will be driven around the route by Sean in the motorcycle and sidecar, who will provide your commentary as you go. You will be supplied with legal helmets with speakers fitted. and over suits as required.

What is not included? +

Anything purchased by the clients including food and beverages during the tour.

Will Mid Wales Tours be taking any photographs during the tour? +

Mid Wales Tours may well take photographs for publicity purposes including our web page, Facebook, Instagram etc. but if you do not want to appear in any photographs please let Sean know at the time.

What happens if the tour route is closed for any reason? +

With Sean’s knowledge of the roads of Mid and North Wales he should be able to pick another route to get around any hold up. If he is aware of a holdup or road closure before the tour starts, then he will inform you at the beginning of the tour.

Are we able to leave valuables on the sidecar? +

There is a lockable area on the sidecar which can hold a certain amount, but you are welcome to leave valuables at the start point they will be perfectly safe there.

What happens if the motorcycle and sidecar is not available for any reason? +

You will be offered an alternative tour date or a full refund. If the motorcycle and sidecar unfortunately become inoperative during a tour, breakdown, puncture etc. then we will be recovered to the start point, you will be offered a refund or an alternative date for a tour.

Is the motorcycle and sidecar serviced regularly? +

Yes, it is, in accordance with the licensing regulations as set down by Ceredigion County Council and the service schedule for Triumph motorcycles.

What happens if certain attractions are closed when we get there? +

Hopefully, they will be open, but we should know prior to the start of the tour. If they are closed Sean will inform you and will suggest alternatives. Most of the tours are sightseeing tours and the only paid attractions are Strata Florida Abbey and the bridge walk at Devils Bridge.

What happens if I have a complaint? +

In the unlikely event of you having a complaint, please speak to Sean at the time and he will do his best to resolve the issue. It is always easier to try and resolve issues there and then rather than days or weeks later.
Sean is the owner and operator of Mid Wales Tours, so the ‘buck’ stops with him. He wants people to have a five star experience and will do everything he can to make sure you have an unforgettable tour.

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