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Mid Wales Tours Vouchers

Mid Wales Tours introduce Gift Vouchers

Mid Wales Tours are pleased to announce following several requests, the introduction of Gift Vouchers.

These vouchers can be used to pay for a full or contribute to part of the tour cost.

The vouchers do not have a use by date but will feature a unique code that can only be used once.

If you wish to purchase a Mid Wales Tours voucher please get in touch with Sean by e mail at

These vouchers cannot be ordered from the Mid Wales Tours website as yet.

Mid Wales Tours provide a unique way of seeing the world around you. As you travel around the countryside on the Triumph combination you will experience the countryside in a totally different way than you would if you were in an enclosed vehicle.

Have you get an anniversary, or a big birthday coming up? Do you want to give someone a totally new experience? What do you get someone who has everything? Well how about a voucher to enable them to experience “Wales On The Side”

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